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Christopher Andreae
Today: Saturday, 13th July 2024
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The Author reflected in a mirror by John Creed. Image copyright Andy Phillipson

This is dedicated to the late Christopher Andreae and the following are his words.


I am Christopher Andreae. Here, I hope, is a place to share interests. My own include art, both appreciating and making it. Writing mainly about art and artists but also stories about everyday happenings, usual and unusual. I love giving talks. Collecting some art, but also illustrated books, and ink bottles oh, and occasionally, ceramics and cap patches. I like jokes, but too often forget the punch lines. Gardening, at home or on my allotment, is certainly an obsession though someone told me: "The trouble is, Christopher, you will plant things that grow." This puzzled me. I thought it was the whole aim (if not always the achievement). Of course she could have been referring to my liking for ivy. It is everywhere, I admit. I also have a number of other likes: they include dogs, frogs, am-dram, Herdwick sheep, micro-light and balloon flights, goldfinches, native daffodils, urban foxes, . . . . the list goes on.