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Christopher Andreae

The Author reflected in a mirror by John Creed. Image copyright Andy Phillipson


I am Christopher Andreae. Here, I hope, is a place to share interests. My own include art, both appreciating and making it. Writing mainly about art and artists but also stories about everyday happenings, usual and unusual. I love giving talks. Collecting some art, but also illustrated books, and ink bottles oh, and occasionally, ceramics and cap patches. I like jokes, but too often forget the punch lines. Gardening, at home or on my allotment, is certainly an obsession though someone told me: "The trouble is, Christopher, you will plant things that grow." This puzzled me. I thought it was the whole aim (if not always the achievement). Of course she could have been referring to my liking for ivy. It is everywhere, I admit. I also have a number of other likes: they include dogs, frogs, am-dram, Herdwick sheep, micro-light and balloon flights, goldfinches, native daffodils, urban foxes, . . . . the list goes on. If you can bear to find out more, please investigate the pages that follow. And if you have something contentious you want to discuss try my Facebook page.